Think in new dimensions.

It all started in Iran… the year was 1980.
War—the Islamic Revolution.
War—with the screaming and explosions; whistling bullets—like

bottle rockets. The stench of gunpowder and death looming

over all of us—and the chanting—Allah Akbar—God is great.

Before the war it was quiet and peaceful. Essi was restless with the peace,

so together with his two friends (he was only fourteen) they found

themselves under siege. He hadn’t heard of the 1975 Algiers Agreement,

didn’t understand the concept of liberty. They had never been faced

with the prospect of liberty, in all its weight, and what they

might do with it. What it might do to him. That would come later.

Do Not Give Up Now….

They’re first night on the front line and they were sneaking up toward the enemy with our Type 56 Assault Rifles. Within minutes one of his trio stepped on a landmine—one minute he was there, the next, gone forever—away to try his key at the gate…and the fear was palpable then, soaking through their uniforms, and his hands were clammy and felt slippery on the trigger.
He wanted to go home. He hated war and was afraid, then his last friend fell—the other of his trio—he couldn’t look, couldn’t bare it. He just closed his eyes and kept marching…whispering in the blur of tears and violence, Allah Akbar…Allah Akbar…

But he didn’t feel God then, he was alone, and he hated God now—in the mass of confusion, spraying bullets, and wailing wounded men and boys marching. All he could think, over and over, was, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.

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About Essi Bagheri

Essi Bagheri was a child soldier and fought for Iran Islamic Revolution war in 1980. He wrote “Shattered Soul: The true story of a child soldier” to inspire others based on his life experiences.

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