TEDx Alief 2020.

Essi Bagheri, an author, Addiction and Trauma Coach.

From a traumatic childhood to a boy soldier of Iran’s

Revolutionary Guard, his life is as fascinating and

compelling, as it is dark and turbulent. 17 treatment

centers, 29 detoxes, now become a Transformational Mentor

Essi Bagheri is a speaker at TEDxAlief, Break the Mold

“The Silence of Trauma & Addiction, Confession of a Child Soldier.”

Do Not Give Up Now….

My message calls people up to be able to live from a place of love, for themselves, their friends, their family, and especially for strangers. Reconnecting with yourself and those around you. I would love to see people really see the people that sit beside them. To go home and love more, to be more grateful, for others to see other people as human beings. I want people to live with love, no matter what is going on in their world. Let’s set examples by living with love, being vulnerable, and expressing feelings of love, kindness, and gratitude. That is what will make the world a better place to live in.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Do Not Give Up Now!

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Essi Bagheri Interview

About Essi Bagheri

Essi Bagheri was a child soldier and fought for Iran Islamic Revolution war in 1980. He wrote “Shattered Soul: The true story of a child soldier” to inspire others based on his life experiences.

A book can inspire ideas and ways of thinking that have the power to transform our lives.

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