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Essi Bagheri

Courage to Come Back !

Essi Bagheri born in Iran raised as a suicide bomber changed his life around to help those who are struggling from addiction, to become the guiding light he could not find during his time of misery, a person who struggled through from being an alcoholic and passing through multiple terrain as a refugee, to finally achieve his destination Vancouver. He brings to you the will, the way to fight through the never ending darkness in the life of an addict person the best and most helpful method that is tried and tested on him.

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Together We Can Overcome Trauma and Addiction!

From Child Soldier to Addiction and Trauma Coach: The Remarkable Story of Essi Bagheri
Essi Bagheri is a survivor in every sense of the word. As a child soldier and refugee, he faced unspeakable horrors that no one should ever have to endure. Essi’s struggles continued as he battled addiction and trauma. Today, he is a recovering addict, author, TEDx Speaker, and an advocate for mental health and wellness. Through his own journey of healing and growth, Essi has gained the knowledge and expertise to help others overcome their own challenges and find hope in the darkest of moments. #essibagheri #tedx #traumarecovery #addictionrecovery
Meet Essi Bagheri, an inspiring public speaker who has dedicated his life to helping others overcome trauma and addiction. From his childhood in pre-revolution Iran to serving as a boy soldier in the Revolutionary Guard, Essi’s journey has been one of resilience, strength, and hope.
After struggling with addiction and trauma himself, Essi has emerged as a powerful voice and advocate for mental health, personality development, and transformation. He has authored the book “Shattered Soul” which tells his powerful story of redemption, recovery, and self-forgiveness.
Today, Essi offers public speaking to help others heal from their own trauma and addiction, and find the light in their own darkest moments. If you’re ready to transform your life, check out Essi’s website and book a call to learn more about his other life-changing speaking topics.
And be sure to watch Essi’s inspiring TEDx talk, “The Silence of Trauma & Addiction, Confession of a Child Soldier,” where he shares his story of overcoming adversity and finding hope.
Visit our linktree to access Essi’s book, website, and TEDx talk, and take the first step towards a brighter future. Looking for a powerful speaker to captivate your audience and inspire them to overcome life’s toughest obstacles? Create an unforgettable event that will leave your audience inspired and motivated. Check out the link below to book Essi for your next event, or view what other inspiring topics he can speak on.

We have all the answers in our hearts
we just have to ask the right question

- Essi Bagheri, 2020

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I am in awe of what Essi has survived so it is with
great honor that I am nominating“Essi Bagheri for
the “Courage to Come Back Award”!

- Nadine Anthony