From a traumatic childhood to an unfavorable adolescence filled with guilt and regret, Essi had lived a troubled life. Growing up in Iran, he was exposed to the severity of life from a very young age. The reality check bestowed upon this innocent individual was soul frightening. When most children of his age were clueless and carefree, he was reeling with the aftermath of being struck by the ground-shattering reality that would always be a part of his existence. Nobody would want to be a part of such reality, but for him he had to live with it every day.
Having faced love, loss, and pain early on in his life, he grew up to be what he could – a survivor. From being tied up in a loveless marriage to submersing himself with drugs and alcohol, he never had it easy. This is a story of life – the way it knocks you down, lifts you up, and pulls you apart, makes you not want to breathe again. This is the story of Essi’s struggle to pick himself up against all adversity and make something of his life. Does he gain something from it or lose everything he holds dear? Or will he submit his life to drugs and alcohol to free his mind from the disastrous realities? Find out in “Shattered Soul: The true story of a child soldier”.